Recently I had the time to make a short personal project and wanted to try my own take on the Facebook 2016 Year in Review video, directed by Eliot Rausch. 

The handheld style and mix of compositing and live action footage is something I really enjoyed. The idea of embedding social posts into footage is a clever one. It suggests a return the scene in which these viral videos were originally created and is a nice way to tie them together in a narrative. 

With my test, I used three distinct locations around the loose theme of 'creatives'. Using my GH4 handheld, I shot a few sequences and then a key shot of a white foam-core board that was placed strategically in each scene. 

Then in post, I tracked these boards to add in the content. Some were easier to track than others and there was a lot of fiddling to make this effect look convincing. The most important part was to match the colours with the scene, this combined with the handheld camera movement really sells this effect. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the video, and to Oliver Burton for doing the sound design and music for this one.