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Alex Blogg

Freelance Filmmaker
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I’m a self-shooter and editor, camera owner and operator. I bring together stunning visuals with compelling narratives.

There are many stories in the world but it’s only when they are given the attention and craft they deserve that they become great stories. Quality is paramount, not only in aesthetic but also technically. I endeavour to not only create pictures that feel stunning, but audio that is crystal clear – ensuring that the message always lands.




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Recent Work

Making of SPECTRA for Xbox One

Gateway Interactive are a small indie-developer based in Hull. They recently got their first game, an arcade beat racer, onto the Xbox One – this is the story of how it was made.

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TechBikers 2014

TechBikers takes you on a journey away from your laptop to help children in need by supporting the charity Room to Read. It’s you, your bike and a group of like minded people from all sides of the start-up world … oh, and 320km of hills, corners, rain and comrades.

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The Tequila Wager

Don’t like tequila? Jesse Estes will make you a cocktail that you can’t refuse

A short film about a cocktail you won’t want to give back. Filmed at London’s El Nivel and featuring Ocho tequila. Produced for Drinks Galore.

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